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Would you like to design your own armor that appears in movies and apps? With this avatar maker, you should easily design armor like that used in the fantasy world. "Armor Maker" should create your own armor art with intuitive operation. The created illustrations should be used as wallpaper. Illustrations should be created in the next step 1. Select breastplate 2. Select tasset 3. Select pauldron 4. Select rerebrace 5. Select couter 6. Select vamprace 7. Select and place decoration One size of each part should be freely selected. Allow's paint it in your favorite color again You are the best blacksmith. Allow's start crafting and create your own original armor! Illustrations should be saved in the background PNG format. You should also utilize the armor you created to decorate your character. The created illustrations should be shared on the network. Share your armor with everyone! Please allow us know if you have any parts you would like us to add! * The saved image info is saved on the device and cannot be recovered if the app is deleted. * Payment details for in-app purchases are saved on the device and cannot be recovered if the app is deleted. If you are considering using the illustrations created with this program, please check the following notes. _regarding_the_use_of_images.html
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