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Wersja: 0.8.1 Data wydania: 12 maja 2022 Ocena: 4 Twórca: Green Meadow Studios, FZCO [email protected] Kategoria: Słowne Nazwa: Attractions: The Word Game Ilość pobrań: 100+ System: 4.4 i nowsze Typ: Słowne

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Welcome to "Attractions", a captivating free word guessing apk with four different play modes! You play the role of a contestant on a TV word apk show. Your town has given birth to many world champions. Will you be the next? As you win your way, you befriend the other world champs, and work together to gift eye-dazzling new attractions to your town, as a thank you to your fans. Unlock more and more attraction sites as you climb your ladder of fame, and enjoy the brilliant sights that will bring your town visitors from all around the world! Attractions is a apk with a mission to promote growth mindset: the belief that we, people, should achieve excellence and championship by thinking about our strategies and diligently developing them. We built this apk around this message, and we believe deeply in the role that apps should play in delivering human value. We're currently working on real player-vs-player competitions, and real-world fame features. Start earning fame and Kleos from now, to rank up for when we title these features. We're an indie apk studio. If you like our work, kindly consider buying our in-app-purchases to assist us improve "Attractions" and expand its features.
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