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As the 21st century wore on, the earth’s natural environment continued to decline at an alarming rate. Rising from this fresh dark age are strong diseases and illnesses, reminiscent of the plagues from times long ped. The probability of becoming infected by a serious disease has sharply increased, while at the same time traditional medical techniques have become less effective. In the face of such an onslaught, large-scale pharmaceutical companies have begun to invest huge amounts of cash and manpower into the study and development of nano-machine technology. From this medicinal arms race the NCR (Nano Core Robot) was born – a fresh and highly effective weapon in the fight vs sickness. But is this truly the savior we have been calling for, or is there something more lurking beneath the surface? Bacterium puts customers behind the controls of an NCR nano-machine. In the name of the global pharmaceutical corporation you work for, become a frontline soldier in the fight vs the viruses
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