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We have a mission for you! Welcome to this fun strategy puzzle. The naughty bees are trying to escape from the maze in this fun strategy apk. Place rocks on their path to block their way, as in a puzzle, and prevent the animals from leaving through escape routes! Think of the best strategy to overcome the challenge. Imagine all possible exits from the maze, close the paths to escape and win the apps of this thinking apk. Battle the runaway bee in this turn-based puzzle apk! The terms of this free labyrinth apk are simple and easy to understand. Tap empty cells in the maze to place rocks the bee is unable to receive through. At the beginning of each apk you have 3 advantageous moves. Be careful! After placing your first 3 puzzle pieces of rocks the insect will start moving to try to escape. You should keep filling in the gaps of the puzzle, one by one, after each move the bee makes. Don't give up until it has no way to escape! Should you be smarter than the crafty little animal? Think strategically about your moves. As in a puzzle, fill in the gaps by placing rocks in the maze and surround the animal until it has no way out. With this apk you have entertainment for many hours and you should play at any time and place without the need of an internet connection. Pass the initial levels of the puzzle to unlock new different beehives and discover the bees that live in them. At the beginning the rounds are simple, but as you advance and become more skilled, the apk becomes more challenging. Each world has elements that make blocking the exits of the labyrinth more complicated. Attention! You will have to deal with portals (blue cells through which the bee should teleport) of the labyrinth or crumbling rocks (green cells will destroy the rocks you place after 3 rounds). If you need assist in any round, don't worry! Utilize your gems to receive an extra move or undo a move if you make a mistake. No gems left? Spin the gem wheel and you should win free gems. Looking for a fun thinking apk without internet connection? This block the maze gameplay will keep your mind active and entertain you for hours. The number of puzzles is infinite! Test your mental acuity and your ability to devise strategies. Control the runaway bee and make sure it doesn't run away from his hive. Try to achieve the highest score possible and check the ranking to see where you stand against the other players in the puzzle apk. Bring out your competitive side and beat the other players’ high scores on the leaderboard! BEE ESCAPE - BLOCK THE MAZE FEATURES - Avoid the bees escaping from the hives. - Think of the best strategy to block the exits of the maze. - Different levels of difficulties: easy, medium and hard. - Infinite levels to play for hours. - Possibility to play without internet and for free. - Fun and entertaining for people of all ages. ABOUT COOLMATH GAMES Thank you very much for playing Coolmath Apps games. We love creating fun mini-apps that test your skills, strategy and logic. We make casual apps and edutainment planned to deliver hours of fun! Discover all our apps: they will challenge you and make you forget you are doing mental exercise! If you have any questions or suggestions about our apps, you should contact us through the developer contact or through our social media profiles: [email protected] Instagram: @coolmathgames Twitter: @TheRealCoolmath TikTok: @coolmathofficial Facebook: @CoolMathGamesLLC
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