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Start your visit early, make the most of your time at the Museum and explore the diverse collection from the comfort of your own home. The British Museum app features: • Expert commentaries on 250 highlight objects from the collection • 65 gallery introductions available for free • Audio, video, text and images provide in-depth info • Self-guided tours for exploring the Museum, from ancient Egypt to Medieval Europe • A space where you should add objects to favourites • Practical visiting info to assist you prepare for your visit and find your way around the Museum Prices (in-app purchases) Full bundle per language £4.99 (introductory offer) Themed tour per language £1.99–£2.99 How to utilize this app Take a self-guided tour Choose from one of the self-guided tours which each explore a theme – from Top Ten to Ancient Egypt. Each tour has an audio introduction, providing background info and context, before guiding you around the Museum. Explore the collection View some of the British Museum’s most popular objects at a glance. Browse pictures of all the objects in the Audio app by culture and theme – and see how the collection is displayed within the galleries – then decide what you want to explore. Dive deeper Listen to a diverse selection of commentaries featured in the Audio app. Using the latest research, they provide new insights into the British Museum collection. Languages Enjoy expert commentaries from curators in five languages – English, French, Italian, Spanish, and Chinese. More languages as well as the British Sign Language Guide, Audio Descriptive Guide will be added to the app in late summer 2022. Look for audio guide symbol The Audio app covers 250 objects in the permanent galleries – when you see the audio guide symbol on cases or next to objects, enter the number using the keypad on the app for audio commentaries and other info. Favourites Create your own list of favourite British Museum objects by adding objects to the Favourites site as you explore the Museum on the app.
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