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CELLS is happy to take you to a amazing linking tiles world. Welcome on board with us. Ahead of you is a wide range of adventures. There is nothing better than training your memory, attention, and chill with our tile apk. CELLS is there for you with an awesome playing experience. Level by level you develop your memory, attention, and relax with our zen puzzle. You won’t believe how simple it is to become one of the true tile masters. HOT TO PLAY 🔸 Make a combination of 3 and more identical tiles and link them together. 🔹 You should link the same tiles both vertically, horizontally, and diagonally. But it’s impossible to link the tiles with a different one in between. 🔸 Connect as many tiles as you should at once. Each level - a new tile link goal. 🔹 Keep an eye on the number of moves left. You fail, if you don’t collect all the required tiles in the upper stack. CELLS has prepared numerous challenging features for more fun. It may seem easy at the beginning, but the further you go, the more difficult and interesting the tile connect levels receive. A non-stop matching tiles bliss is ready for you. Relax and train your mind at the same time with a kind of Chinese apk, and of course, have fun! BOOSTERS 🚀 ROCKET removes all the tiles in the line horizontally or vertically. 💣 BOMB explodes tiles around it in matching apps. ⚡️ FLASH targets all the tiles with a certain image on the board. Once activated, the power-up destroys them all. 🎰 COMBO-BOOSTER maximizes the power of boosters in the tile apps. CELLS see that you are ready to connect lines. As you start playing you don’t want to stop. It is a pleasant addiction, which helps you with your daily brain-training. The more you play, the more you want to match tile 3D. No worries, we have lots of levels to challenge you. Now it is your amusement park full of thinking apps. ALL-INCLUSIVE TILE MATCH GAME 🤓 lots of challenging levels 🎇 various fascinating high-quality backgrounds 🧩 simple terms, easy to pick up 🎁 awesome boosters 👩‍👦 logic apps suit all ages ⏰ play anytime, anywhere UPGRADE YOUR SKILLS CELLS is by your side whenever you need it. Challenge yourself to solve tile connect classic match tasks through numerous increasing level difficulties. You should easily develop yourself. Free tile apps assist to improve your attention to detail and logical thinking. Each level has prepared specialties for you. Just keep your eyes and mind sharp with our free tile app. Don’t miss the chance to develop your attention, logic, and train your brain by moving from level to level with tile match 3D. You won’t find a better mix of memory apps and merge apps. CELLS welcomes you with relaxing adventures. Tile apps are all about having fun!
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