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Wersja: 1.0_34 Data wydania: 12 maja 2022 Ocena: 4 Twórca: Babloon Studios [email protected] Kategoria: Słowne Nazwa: Crossword Farm: Connect & Grow Ilość pobrań: 500+ System: 8.0 i nowsze Typ: Słowne

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How cool would it be if you had a good farm of your own out in the countryside? Well, now you should! Put yourself in Jenny’s shoes as she embarks on an epic journey of learning and adventure, challenging yourself through every stage to build the farm of your dreams. How would you assist Jenny, you ask? By exercising your brain and solving an adaptive and increasingly challenging set of crosswords along your journey. Crossword Farm: Connect & Grow is a crossword puzzle apk that you conquer to assist Jenny gain admission to all the essential softwares to build and sustain a magnificent farm like no other. Having grown sick of the bustling town life, Jenny was in search of a peaceful life out in the countryside. She thus ended up inheriting an old foreclosed farm from her grandparents and soon realized there was a plenty of work that was needed to be done. She needs a plenty of assist from neighbors, comrades and - that’s right: YOU! Jenny often ends up in a pickle. She wants to repair and construct her new farm, but often runs short of funds or energy to receive the job done. Building Jenny’s farm, as you should imagine, is no easy task – it would be a long and difficult adventure, taking many twists and turns along the way, but you should be there to assist her out. With your assist, Jenny gets all the support that she needs to navigate her way through complicated crosswords and puzzles. Assist repair her new farm, decorate it how you like, make companions, and connect with comrades along your way to building the farm of your dreams. So how does Jenny find the appropriate funds to build her farm? Through you, of course! As her trusted companion, you will be tasked to connect and construct words in a scramble apk that increases in difficultly as you go along your journey. From the simple to the complicated, you grip over words and vocabulary will be tested to its limits, teasing your brain and helping you improve your language skills. Each new round presents a new set of letters to utilize and words to dig up for the crossword apk. As you scratch your head and concentrate, know that the appropriate words are there, right in front of you in the crossword. All you have to do is look. You will be rewarded with energy and coins, both of which are necessary to Jenny when building her farm. Jenny might also seek your assist and guidance regarding what goes where, and how the two of you should exercise your creativity, along with the assist of numerous animals and characters you meet along the way, to build a beautiful and expansive landscape like no other. With the energy and coins, you accumulate, you should grow crops and gather ingredients to sell for a profit. Unlock more land as you progress and expand your farm’s reach. What is hidden beneath all those overgrown pastures? Come, play and find out! In Jenny’s adventure you will experience: - A proven word genre, complete puzzles to receive further into the story - Connect letters and find words with fun scramble word search puzzles - Reaping, sowing, and gathering your products to sell to the townsfolk - Design your own farm, animals, decorations, reparations and much more - Jenny’s story, from getting sick of the town to finding her place and comrades on the farm - Cute companions, you should’t have a farm without a dog’s “WOOF”! - Seasonal events and updates! More puzzles, story events and thematic decorations This interactive and adaptive apk created by Babloon Studios is the perfect pick for a quick brain test and a chance for you to build upon your language skills. It is set to bring out the creative side of you as you take decisions to decorate the farm that you assist Jenny build. Make comrades, manage the animals at the farm and grow crops - both to live off and sell to facilitate continuous expansion of the farm, and to turn into something never seen before! Think you have what it takes? What are you waiting for? Download this puzzle apk across all platforms and join Jenny’s journey of adventure, learning and creativity.
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