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Wersja: 1.0.4 Data wydania: 13 maja 2022 Ocena: 4 Twórca: NEOWIZ [email protected] Kategoria: Sport Nazwa: Crypto Golf Impact Ilość pobrań: 10 000+ System: 8.0 i nowsze Typ: Sport

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Tired of playing the same old mobile golf apps? Then welcome to Crypto Golf Impact! A new generation of play-to-earn mobile golf apk! Powered by NEOPIN Blockchain, players should tee off in real time with players all across the world to earn Crystals which should be swapped with native apk token! COMPETE, WIN and EARN tokens! Visit our Official Homepage at! See some of our new coverage! @cryptogolfimpact/neowiz-partners-up-with-klaytn-foundation-for-crypto-golf-impact-and-expansion-of-the-play-to-earn-3c3fb68f978d TRAVEL AROUND POPULAR DESTINATION From New York, Maldives, Dubai, and even Paris! Immerse yourself by traveling across dazzling destinations worldwide to tee off with the best of the best! REALISTIC YET INTUITIVE CONTROLS With the integration of a dynamic weather system that affects the ball trajectory, overcome the challenges by honing your skills and train your clubs for dead aim shots. DYNAMIC WEATHER SYSTEM Acc for the weather conditions that affect your ball trajectory and be ace on the green. CLUB TRAINING SYSTEM Want to up your apk? Train your clubs to improve their impact levels for easier control on the putting meter. Higher the level, the easier the control. Other available modes and features [LONG DRIVE] Compete in the Long Drive event to see who should smash and drive the ball out the farthest to get awesome prizes. [PUTTING CHALLENGE] Do you really want to show off your putting skills? Compete in a single-hole course and show who the master of the terrain really is. [CLAN TOURNAMENTS] Join and compete with other Clans to rise above the global Clan rankings. [PLAY-TO-EARN FEATURES] This is what sets Crypto Golf Impact from your average golf apk. Compete and complete your daily missions to earn free Crystals. The crystals should be later swapped and tokenized on NEOPIN's platform. [NFTs] Make sure to save your hard earned Crystals which should be swapped for S2 Tokens to purchase NFTs in the future update! Download, and play now to earn your Crystals and swap them for tokens! A network connection is required to admission the apk. Follow our social media channels for upcoming news, airdrop events, promotions and announcements! Facebook - Discord - Telegram - Twitter -
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