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Welcome to an exciting offline journey with little dinosaurs from the large collection of educational apps "Dinosaur apps for kids & baby" for toddlers, children 2,3,4,5,6,7 years old, teenagers, and even adults! Immerse yourself in the amazing world of children's educational puzzles and tasks: collect interesting puzzles for free, complete logic quests, participate in races and learn interesting things about the life of dinosaurs right on your smartphone! Features of the educational app "Dinosaur apps for kids & baby": - 7 different mini-apps for girls and boys to develop logic, color perception, shapes, and numbers; - Ability of the child to independently utilize the program; - Development of fine motor skills of the child; - Learning the basics of arithmetic; - Lots of fun and learning; - Lack of ads. ~ Ready. Set. GO! ~ Overcome obstacles while running! Complete tasks and dodge other dinosaurs so as not to lose the number of lives. Collect apk stars and set your own time records. ~ Develop fine motor skills ~ Collect bright children's jigsaw puzzles for free that come to life immediately after assembly. Add a picture of a pterodactyl and it will fly high into the sky! ~ Train your logical thinking ~ Play an educational mini-apk for children on the distribution of objects by size. Dinosaurs will teach your child how to distinguish small objects from large ones and sort them into the correct baskets! ~ Learn to count ~ Learn the basics of counting and the names of numbers with your child. Solve free arithmetic examples and develop with "Dinosaur apps for kids & baby"! These and many other educational apps for children from 2 to 8,9,10 years old and older should be found in our program "Dinosaur apps for kids & baby". Dinosaurs are already ready to welcome little guests into their bright world! Our free dinosaur apk for kids is suitable for both toddlers and preschoolers. Your baby will be able to develop memory and attention in the early stages, as well as simply receive a plenty of pleasure from bright characters and addictive gameplay. In-app purchases are also available in the program, which is made only with the user's consent. Play "Dinosaur apps for kids & baby" educational apps without the Internet right now. Young children will love to play with colorful dinosaurs in their Jurassic adventure!
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