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Background Story God left us. The devils from the hell have reached their claws into our world, and the enemy in the void is also staring at us with hostility. In this vital time, we need to save the world more than any time, but God is still silent. So, we should only pick up our weapons and fight for your own survival. Adventurers, except for you, who else should stand up, fight with us against the devils? Eternal Ember is a diablo-style team idle RPG. You need to build an adventure team to explore the vast continent, engage in exciting battles and receive the loots. Apk Features True Idle Unlike most idle apps, the Eternal Ember world is non-stop even when you are offline. This means that when you exit the apk, your team will still explore and fight according to the tactics arranged by you, and when you return to the apk, you should review the hero's action and the gain loots (if any) during the time you leave. It is possible that all heroes’ efforts are in vain because they die too early due to inappropriate tactics set, or it is possible that after the adventure for the whole night, you have obtained top gears. How to arrange the hero's combat plan to maximize the outcomes is especially crucial in the apk. Category of Monsters From the basic goblins, skeletons, to the giant golems, hell devils, a wide variety of monsters are waiting for your challenges. The various categories of monsters’ skills require you to constantly adjust your strategy in the battle. In addition, there are 9 main storyline bosses and more elites, and you must be more careful when fighting with them. Various Classes There are heroes of various classes in the apk. Currently, there are 8 classes available: Crusader, Ranger, Priest, Warrior, Hunter, Shaman, Sorcerer and Necro Knight. Each hero should also unlock exclusive ultimate skills, talent trees etc., completely modify hero function and strategy, and create more genre of tactical play. Idle Strategy for Your Squad In most cases, you need to send four heroes to fight at the same time, so you not only need to consider the hero classes, the potions you carry, but also how to arrange the positioning of heroes in the map, to lead the battle toward the direction of your planning. After doing a nice pre-plan, you just need to relax, watch the heroes to automatically fight with monsters in different maps. Yes, this apk doesn't need you to do too much operation during the battle, give everything to the heroes! Customized Build If you like to grind, the apk is full of loots. Over 100 kinds of weapons and gears are waiting for you. Gears are the important part of the apk. The loots in the apk is also mainly based on the gears. After all, nobody should resist the joyful sound when looting the legendary gear after killing the monster. The apk provides superb freedom to those who like to pursue the ultimate gear sets. In the blacksmith, you should create your own exclusive gears, from multiple dimensions to improve the properties of gears, make it better to fit your apk style. Vast Continent The continents in the apk are divided into 9 major plates. Each plate has completely different terrain and various fierce monsters. And there are multiple special map nodes in the apk, whether you want to test your own limit or with NPC to resist fierce enemies, you should receive a completely different combat experience. The whole world is waiting for you to challenge. Explore the Rift There is a very mysterious field in the apk – the Shadow Realm. Among them, there are very powerful and unique shadow monsters. Should you overcome them, receive cherished treasures? Epilog Eternal Ember is a free world and hope you should like it as much as we do. Nice luck and loot well.
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    łukasz łukasz

    Dodano 2022-05-13 You should ballance the arena. I have 4k squad power and im being matched with players over 10k. Impossible to win.

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    Marcin Szecówka

    Dodano 2022-05-13 Ok


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