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This traditional Chinese release for four customers (human or pc) has a wide tons of rule options, including more than 20 completely customizable rule presets: Chinese Clical, Old Style (Hong Kong), fresh Style and Chinese Official, Japanese Clical and Modern, American Clical and Modern, Australian, and few European editions. The release helps 16-tile Taiwanese mah-jongg and 11. or 12-tile mah-jongg with virtual jokers. The release has great graphics, moody sound, and perfect playability. The registered ver comes with 12 alternative themes and few alternative tile sets, and it helps user-defined themes and custom tile sets. It contains a comprehensive assistance file explaining in detail all rule options, and a Flash guide is accessible as a separate download. Multiplayer releases are supported via DirectX and should be played over the Internet or LAN (up to four human customers and 10 spectators), or direct cable (up to two human customers).
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