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How it works? - Every time 50 participants complete the task in the app, the system will assign a random winner and send you a message with the code to redeem, which should be: * $20 to spend in the Play Store * $50 to spend on Play Store - These rewards are paid automatically with in-app advertisements. That is to say that with a little patience and by participating several days everyone will have prizes! How should I win PSN gift cards and how do I enter? -You have to do different simple tasks, they should be done with one of the following options: * Share app with comrade on Twitter * Follow a Youtube channel * You should like us, but it's optional. * Utilize the app at least once a day. We'll mail you if you're a winner for your Play Station acc and add your gift cards The more you utilize the app, the better your chances of winning. We also do surprise draws, where the faster you receive the code. The app icon, screenshots and all material in this app are licensed under Creative Commons (CC-BY-SA) and license details of all these assets should be found on the license site Fandom: As an official Fandom app, this app fully complies with the CC-BY-SA rules stated on this site. All Fandom material and material in this app were uploaded by customers and are governed by the Fandom Rules of Utilize (_of_Use). We have a team dedicated to enforcing our Rules of Service, including responding to DMCA takedown notices. For more info, see our DMCA takedown policies: :DMCA_takedown_notice this is not an app nor a psn app Note: This app does not provide any type of trap, trick or anything similar. We only offer raffles, different tasks and notifications.
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