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Wersja: 1.8.1 Data wydania: 16 maja 2022 Ocena: 4 Twórca: LLYGAME [email protected] Kategoria: Karciane Nazwa: Girls Legend Ilość pobrań: 50 000+ System: 4.3 i nowsze Typ: Karciane

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Obejrzyj Girls Legend 🎁Free Gift Code🔥 | Gameplay Android / APK.
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Obejrzyj V.A - GIRLS' LEGEND U (Lyric).
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Obejrzyj 次の伝説を見よ。【ウマ娘MAD】【GIRLS' LEGEND U】.
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Obejrzyj Girls Legend. Новинка 2021. Прохождение. Знакомство.
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Obejrzyj 【定点】スピカでGIRLS' LEGEND U 踊ってみた【コスプレ】.
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Obejrzyj ゲーム【ウマ娘 プリティーダービー】OP映像.
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Obejrzyj Girls Legend: Gameplay, personagens, upgrades e habilidades, RPG de cartas! - JOGO GRÁTIS!.
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Obejrzyj ウマ娘 プリティダービーOP 「GIRL'S LEGEND U 」FULL ver 歌詞付き.
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Obejrzyj 【ウマ娘】GIRLS' LEGEND U (Game Size)【暫定版】【パート分け/歌詞/lyrics】【ゲーム版ウマ娘メインテーマ】.
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Obejrzyj 【MAD】【アニメウマ娘】×【GIRL'S LEGEND U】.
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"Girls Legend" is an Idle Apk. Newbie Gift Code: GL888 Its world view is based on the overhead war song continent, and players will take a fantastic adventure on this continent. By assembling and strengthening heroes of different races and professions, players should form a strong team of their own. By fighting with other players, players should determine the strongest team on the mainland; By joining the guild, players should fight side by side with other players, defeat monsters together, obtain a plenty of rewards, and win superb honors for themselves and the guild. The play terms placed in the Girls Legend require players not to go online on time. They should receive a plenty of resources in a relaxed daily life, which greatly reduces the liver degree. The apk contains rich copies for players to challenge. No matter what kind of players should find their own happiness in the apk and enjoy a amazing adventure time. Relaxed and casual battle mode: hang up gameplay. The battle will no longer consume a plenty of time and play apps easily Various heroes with different styles: different styles perfectly fit the story background and are more closely combined with the plot. Gorgeous Effects: each hero has unique skill special effects, and the battle scene is more gorgeous Rich and diverse replica challenges: many replicas bring a variety of playing methods and always find fun Unprecedented strong welfare efforts: send cards every day, do tasks, receive diamonds, and have fun without krypton party The creator God CAOS, who created the peaceful continent, was plotted by the chaotic dragon and sealed in the magic box of killing God. Therefore, the order of kalmos continent was completely destroyed. The power of the magic box has not only attracted a large number of evil demons, but also completely distorted the spiritual pulse of the mainland, making all races in this land become women... The races living here should not continue to reproduce and survive. If this continues, the whole world will be destroyed! "You" was called to the world as the recent hope. In order to return the continent on the verge of collapse to order again, "you" embarked on the journey of saving the world.
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