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WHAT IS HEADS UP? Everybody knows this apk, and there's a reason why it's so popular. Heads Up is a classic apps party choice because it should receive super silly very fast. This instantly breaks the ice and puts people outside of their comfort zones. Although you may not be comfortable acting in front of people (even your comrades or family), once you realise frantically waving your hands around with crazed facial expressions is all part of the fun, you won't be able to resist joining charades apk! If you have ever heard about: Charades, Heads up, Who Am I, Guess the Word, it’s all about the same outrageously fun party apk. It’s a well known way to make you time with comrades and family excited and blowout. HOW TO PLAY HEADS UP: The gameplay is pretty straightforward. The apk requires you to stand up in front of everyone. Select a deck from dozen available decks. Set desired apk duration or leave default duration. Tap Start and place the telephone on top of your head in a way so your comrades could see words but you don’t see words. When Heads Up apk begins your comrades should give you clues, dance, sing, act, and you can guess the word. Once guessed tap on right side of the screen, to skip the word - tap on left side of the screen. Once timer finishes you will see your result and next person can continue the charades. Some common terms are: ★ Players divided into two or more teams to guess the word. ★ A silent performance by the player to his or her teammates. To enforce a focus on physical acting out of the clues, silent mouthing of the words for lipreading, spelling, and pointing are generally are not permitted. Humming, clapping, and other noises are not permitted as well in Charades. ★ Alternation of teams until every player has acted at least once. BENEFITS: 1️⃣ Dozen of words to guess 2️⃣ Easy gameplay 3️⃣ Custom apk duration 4️⃣ No Advertising 5️⃣ Free updates with new decks 6️⃣ Save favourite decks for quick admission AVAILABLE DECKS: 🔵 Personalities 🔵 Musical Instruments 🔵 Food 🔵 Animals 🔵 Sport 🔵 Activities 🔵 Countries 🔵 Brands 🔵 Celebrities 🔵 Science 🔵 Cars 🔵 Football 🔵 Historical People and more...
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