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Wersja: Ocena: 4 Kategoria: Strategy, Tactical Nazwa: Helldorado Ilość pobrań: System: PC (Microsoft Windows) Typ: Strategy, Tactical

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Helldorado is a brand-new, standalone 3D-real-time strategies release at highest lvl. The storyline leads the six heroes around John Cooper into a dusky precipice of a deadly conspiracy and through fully fresh and thrilling territories of the Wild West. Clever combo-actions offer the user numerous unimagined tactical chances to place the fear of God into the enemies using tricky teamwork. With the integrated movie-mode designed actions of the heroes should be recorded Hollywood-like with slow-motion and changing camera views, watched afterwards or even exported and shared with mates. A mature and clear interface makes tactical planning and fast reactions on the opponents' behaviour easier. With an integrated guide point and with three elaborated difficulty lvls customers will search their appropriate challenge in the Wild West. Join the heroes and lead John Cooper and his five companions in thrilling and diversified missions through their most risky journey. Real-time tactic and strategies in a hard-edged journey in the old American Wild West. Breathtaking scenarios including the forgotten Rochester’s Jail, a stormy train robbery in a relay station, a bloody sunset in Santa Fe, an ambush in the dark and gruesome Blackwater, and a visit to the pretty fresh Orleans Enhanced fast Actions: special to Spellbound releases, this detail allows customers to pre-schedule their heroes’ movements. Helldorado introduces a visual representation of intended actions combined with pause mode, keywords overview and tactical waypoint display Combo Actions pair skills from any combination of two heroes for added tactical versatility Movie Mode for recording, watching and exporting of your own heroic deeds. Be your own Hollywood director! Switch immediately between freely rotatable and zoomable isometric and 3rd person views to gain the best tactical advantage. Powerful, effective and fast-paced character control using an extremely reactive and simple to learn interface Exciting step-by-step guide gets you into the action quick – for beginners and experienced heroes, both. 3 well-balanced difficulty lvls – tailor-made for your primary tenderfoot, average cow puncher, or hard-drivin’ gunslingers. More than one method to play… and more than one method to score your reward. enjoy it your way… or all methods! Avoid unpleasant – and deadly – surprises with Helldorado’s clever early warning system. If you’re intelligent and observant, you’ll survive longer. 60 various opponents with tactical behavior driven by our advanced AI system. Utilize your enemies’ weaknesses vs them. test alcohol or seduction as weapons in a release of deadly cat and mouse.
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