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Wersja: 1.0 Data wydania: 17 maja 2022 Ocena: 4 Twórca: MCPE Mods Addons Maps Minecraft [email protected] Kategoria: Komiksy Nazwa: Huggy Wuggy Mod Ilość pobrań: 500+ System: 5.0 i nowsze Typ: Komiksy

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Poppy Minecraft Playtime Pocket Version is not only a time to play, but also the name of the very factory guarded by the horror scary toy HuggyWuggy. At one time, it was the largest toy factory. After the closure of the factory, you, as the protagonist of this apk, must find the reason for this closure. Your task, in search of the reason for the closure of the scary factory, is simply to survive using your long artificial arms. But later it turns out that this factory not only produced toys, but also conducted experiments, during which people disappeared. This app is categorized as horror mods and addons in survive mode. This trainer MCPE is a trainer / addon in which you should play the role of the same hero from the apk of the same name. It will add to survival MCPE Bedrock HuggyWuggy - a huge blue plush monster that was previously produced by the Play Time factory, but during the experiment, Huggy Wuggy became a killing machine. It is from him that you will have to run in horror survive trainer MCPE. In the Huggy Wuggy trainer or addon, the craft of a high-speed backpack will be available, with its assist, you should quickly run away from the antagonist of this apk – HuggyWuggy. Do not forget that the craft blue toy monster moves very quickly, so you need to be as careful as possible in the survival of the Minecraft Bedrock Pocket Version apk. You should invite your comrades and build the same craft factory that produced this horror monster. If you love horror addons and mods, then this Poppy Minecraft Playtime addon / trainer is for you. A terrible toy, in the form of a monster, will chase you and do everything so that you do not run away from him. The apk Minecraft Bedrock in survival mode, with this trainer, is terribly interesting and scary at the same time. This is an unofficial app for Minecraft Pocket Version. Our mods and addons are not affiliated in any way with Mojang or its registrant. The name and brand are Mojang real estate. The trainer was created for entertainment purposes. All files available for download in this program are delivered under the rules of a free distribution license.
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