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Wersja: 1.0.11 Data wydania: 13 maja 2022 Ocena: 4 Twórca: Xu Solitaire Games [email protected] Kategoria: Planszowe Nazwa: Mahjong 3 Tiles Triple Ilość pobrań: 500+ System: 4.1 i nowsze Typ: Planszowe

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Fond of different mahjong board apps? Well, you’ve made the right choice – we have some excellent free match apps right here! Mahjong+, different matching apps, triple match, tile craft, mahjong apps (even mahjong solitaire), and some popular tile apps were combined together and thought over to receive the perfect embodiment of a matching puzzle apk. And behold, we’ve made it – the newest match 3 apk legend! 3 Tiles is one of the newest free match 3 apps. Most board apps are suitable for casual entertaining, while memory match apps assist to relax after stressful studying and working hours. In tile connect apk, you need to connect 3 similar tiles with vivid pictures, for instance, avocados, guitars, ice cream, sausages, and many other tiles with interesting items. Match triple items of the same type to pass the current level! HOW TO PLAY A TILE MATCHING GAME? Matching puzzle apps should be tricky, but all tile apps have some common connect apk mechanics. After all, you still need to connect blocks with pictures, right? Most free match apps have the same terms as free tile apps. And here’s ours. - Well, you can match 3 tiles! Match triple tiles to put them into the stack. Three similar tiles will be matched and removed from your matching tile stack. - When you clear the board, you win! Continue your tile match practice to become a real match master one day! - You fail, if you don't receive at least one merge for 7 tiles in your stack. Keep this reminder from our match masters: you have a maximum of seven moves to make one tile zen match. Each match block matters! - If you want to receive a high score in memory match apps, you can merge those tiles faster to activate the score multiplier. 3 TILES GAME KEY FEATURES: Every tile-matching apk has unique apk features and 3 Tiles is no exception! Allow’s make the tile connect process fun again! So, what’s on the menu? - No 3d match involved. Some apps force players to match triple tiles, and that should be really annoying, especially with those “flipping tiles 3” mechanics, that prevent you from seeing the picture on every tile. No need to match triple 3d objects here, everything is in the player’s sight! - Each match block selection has a completely unique distribution on the board that surprises with variety - you have an extremely diverse gaming flow for each new level! The tile spread changes on every level, so you won’t receive any “ordinary” tile connect pattern. - You should play as you like! Whether it’s a fast-paced combo-rush or a meditative and thoughtful approach, you’ll find exactly what you want in 3 Tiles apk. This apk suits all apk styles! - Offline availability. No need to worry about those matching puzzle apps that require constant Internet or Wi-Fi connection – you should play in offline mode whenever you want it! - Free matching apps classics. 3 Tiles is the matching apk for adults and the tile connect apk for kids at the same time! The simple triple match block terms and relaxing gameplay mean that anyone should enjoy a round of 3 Tiles. Allow’s play!
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