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Wersja: 2.04.220 Data wydania: 16 maja 2022 Ocena: 4 Twórca: 4Enjoy Game [email protected] Kategoria: Łamigłówki Nazwa: Makeover Merge Ilość pobrań: 50 000+ System: 4.4 i nowsze Typ: Łamigłówki

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Start your adventure in the Makeover Merge show by taking the director’s seat! Dive into the story and make comrades with the team. Assist the nominees discover new makeup, hairstyles, fashion choices, and a better environment that suit their needs and vibes. Customize various looks. Renovate and decorate their spaces. Oppose the sabotage and evil plans of the former director. Solve puzzles, merge items, and fulfill the orders to explore new outfits, exquisite furniture, or fabulous haircuts. And don’t forget to receive ready for a big reveal! MAKE CHOICES Red or blue wallpaper? Long waves of hair or a classic bob haircut? To beard, or not to beard? Take nice care of your nominees and choose what’s best for them! MERGE ITEMS Explore the diversity of the elements on the board. Achieve your goals by collecting and merging items using numerous combinations that the objects offer. Rise to the challenges of the puzzles to earn superb rewards! HAIR AND MAKEUP Everyone should enjoy a good cooling mask and a couple of cucumber slices on the eyes from time to time. Aid the nominees in exploring the new ways of treating their hair and skin. CLOTHES AND FASHION Job interview in pajamas? Working clothes for the first date? You should stop this style crisis! Just assist your participant by choosing between delightful options that your stylist suggests. INTERIOR DESIGN The spider webs and old dusty armchairs have to go! Redesign, restore, and redecorate the spaces to suit the tastes and needs of your nominees. ENJOY A QUICK VISIT OR A BLAST FOR DAYS Enjoy the atmosphere of your show for a couple of minutes every day, or start a marathon with your comrades and family to see who should assist more nominees in one weekend! SIT BACK AND RELAX Makeover Merge is here to take away your worries and assist to relax. Numerous merge options, puzzles, choices, and challenges will aid in putting your mind off all the hustle and bustle. Enjoy your break with diverse apk characters and dive into a large community of players around the world.
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