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Wersja: 1.0.0 Data wydania: 12 maja 2022 Ocena: 4 Twórca: Girls Games Studios [email protected] Kategoria: Edukacyjne Nazwa: Mommy and baby cooking Ilość pobrań: 100+ System: 4.4 i nowsze Typ: Edukacyjne

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Wow, this wonderful kitchen adventure cooking day is the most interesting app for you and your comrades. Choose to play this in your free time and have a nice relaxing moment. Our idea is so nice, you should meet a very beautiful family a mom with her three kids, they are cute and playful, for sure they will become your best comrades. You will love to spend your free time with your new comrades, they want to learn everything you know about cooking and for sure you will learn everything they know. The kitchen is so funny, you should utilize all your creativity and bake some tasty recipes. Your first task is to choose some interesting outfits for the little ones, they need some colorful clothes and amazing accessories. After you solve this you have to go to a shopping center, you have to buy: flour, sugar, cheese, milk, eggs, butter, white cream, chocolate, fruits, vegetables and some candy for decoration. Our mommy and baby kitchen cooking apk for kids is so practical and funny, learn cooking tips and tricks and utilize them in your kitchen when you will prepare some tasty meals for your comrades and family. You bought everything that we need for our recipe, mom and kids are so happy and you should start to cook. This kitchen is so messy, first, you have to clean it. Wash all the dishes, utilize a towel and clean the water. Clean the dust, wash the floor, utilize some detergents and clean the windows. Arrange all the furniture and start to bake the lunch and dinner. They have to prepare a birthday party, for this moment you will cook some delicious hamburgers, a fruit salad, and a cake. They love to eat ice cream so, do not forget to make some sweet healthy ice creams for kids, utilize fresh fruits and a machine to do this recipe. For the cake we need to bake the cake countertop, then make vanilla cream and chocolate. Utilize creativity and decorate with fruits and candy! The party is so beautiful and after you finish dancing and eating you have to clean all the place. A superb experience, right? Having fun is so funny! Features: - should play it offline; - a nice apk for kids; - easy to utilize for kids and adults too; - a perfect apk to play in your free time; - vibrant colors; - the house looks like a real one; - educational activities; - relaxing tasks; - solve kids' daily problems; - wash teeth; - choose some cute outfits; - select interesting accessories; - daily kid routine to learn; - go-to grocery store; - learn to count money; - choose fresh fruits and vegetables; - wash dishes; - clean the kitchen; - decorate the cake; - cook a tasty hamburger; - decorate room for the party; - have fun; - save and share all your favorite images, all your comrades you will be happy to see them.
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