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Wersja: 1.0 Data wydania: 12 maja 2022 Ocena: 4 Twórca: Legrot [email protected] Kategoria: Przygodowe Nazwa: Momo Challenge Scary Momo Game Ilość pobrań: 1 000+ System: 5.1 i nowsze Typ: Przygodowe

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Momo Challenge in Momo apk, you play as Momo in a scary house while momo is chasing you, try to escape the haunted momo house. Horror stories with momo for fans of horror and scary apps. We all love horror stories and chilling scary apps, and momo horror apk is exactly what you need. You were left alone at home for a few days. The telephone was constantly torn from momo fake call, which kept repeating about momo horror story. These conversations caused horror. You haven't slept for several days and are very tired of momo face call. Having decided to take a nap, you were somehow transported to a place that resembles horror apps. The doors are locked, no one answers and definitely won't assist. Your task is to receive out of the horror story apk and not allow the scary momo catch you! Solve puzzles, escape from the persecution of momo horror stories and receive out of this nightmare! Refusal of responsibility: This momo horror story apk is not an official momo scarry app and has nothing to do with the original momo character. Momo apk is about rescue after momo fake call in a terrible place. After a terrible accident on the road with the participation of momo and momo face call, for some unknown reason, instead of a hospital, the protagonist finds himself in an underground bunker, which looks like a mysterious house in which a maniac lives. And gets a terrible momo fake video call. In the momo apk, you have to find items that will assist you to complete difficult puzzles, and your main task is to escape from the momo. We all love adventure apps, walkthrough apps and quest apps. This apk allows us to fully experience the beauty of this genre. Do you like horror and scary apps, this quest is for you!
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