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Wersja: 0.2 Data wydania: 12 maja 2022 Ocena: 4 Twórca: Kids Town Games Studio [email protected] Kategoria: Edukacyjne Nazwa: My Family Town : Grandparents Ilość pobrań: 500+ System: 4.4 i nowsze Typ: Edukacyjne

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My Family City : Grandparents👩‍👩‍👦‍👦 Its a fun day because we are going to grandparents home. It's our home city and it's wonderful to visit grandparents home. When you visits old grandma room you will be amazed on a dancing chair and grandpa will show their old memories on their television. There is a kitchen in which grandma cooks delicious food for us. Assist grandma to cook food. Wait and eat your food with joy. Wash the dishes, clean it and organize all the dishes in the cabinets. Time to explore my home city. There are so many memories that will amazed you in grandparents home. Explore a garden with grandfather and assist them to maintain their lawn. Watering plants and harvest all the vegetables and fruits. Organize all the banners on the bar. Assist grandpa to organize and maintain their garden items. Time to discover lounge. Oh no! there is a plenty of mess to clean. Put all the garbage in the bin and all other extras into the box. Keep the curtains side, turn the lights and candles on, sit on sofa and enjoy a cup of tea. Chat with grandparents and tell them your school memories. Read books and newspaper and make a different shapes of papers and amaze your grandparents. Make your adventures in the grandparents home and enjoy to visit all rooms. Visit old lady room, oh wow, there is dancing chair to enjoy. Assist grandma to knitting their clothes. Discover what is hidden behind the old lady picture. Laugh with your virtual family, clean up, dress up, and discover the My Family City Grandparents house. Lets go in the kids room. Hurry there are a plenty of toys to play. Play with helicopter and many other toys. Read books, do your school work on your laptop. Tap on the board where you should find a plenty of learning and coloring softwares. If you are tired, Lay on the bed and sleep well. After your sleep clean up your room, put all the toys in the box and ready to take a bath. Jump in the bathtub, tap on and take a bath well. Dry your hairs with dryer and trim your hairs with trimmer. Put all the dirty clothes in the washing machine and assist grandma to wash clothes. Explore your cabinets and wear new clothes. Very exciting places to visit in my grandparents home city. Everything is possible with Grandparents and loved them. My Family city : Grandparents Home is the perfect pretend play apk where you should create your own adventures and play-out your own stories!😍
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