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Wersja: Zależy od urządz Data wydania: 18 maja 2022 Ocena: 4 Twórca: Enkei Design enke[email protected] Kategoria: Personalizacja Nazwa: OBSIDIAN Gold Class watch face Ilość pobrań: 1 000+ System: Zależy od urządzenia Typ: Personalizacja

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Enkei Design proudly presents our latest bold & classic analog watch face for Wear OS - OBSIDIAN Gold Class ! Classic, stunningly elegant design focused on providing all the most useful information in the most fashionable way! Enjoy this stunning layout with a wide selection of customizable elements. Tons of possible designs in just one watch face! Combine all the options to create your perfect combination for an elegant analog design. PLEASE NOTE - This app is made only for Wear OS devices. Please select only your watch device from the "INSTALL" drop-down menu. If you should't find the app on your watch after downloading it, please utilize the Play Store app on your watch , utilize search or find it under "Games on your telephone" and install it from there. NOTE: For full functionality of all indicators please enable all Sensors permissions after installation, thank you! OBSIDIAN Gold Class features: - Daily Steps goal % at the top - TAP to open Steps - Date indicator on the right - TAP to open Custom app shortcut - BPM and Battery % indicator on the left - TAP to measure heart rate and refresh the indicator - Month indicator at the bottom - TAP to open Calendar - 5 Custom app shortcuts - Open "Customize" menu for more options - Subtle gyroscopic shine effects that move with your wrist - Battery efficient AOD showing all indicators, averaging just 8-9% active pixels - Customizable elements - Long-press the watch face to admission "Customize" menu: - Background - choose from 6 different background tones - Pattern - choose from 6 subtle circular pattern variations - Index - choose from 6 bold index styles - Elements - choose from 6 options for central Elements - Hands - choose from 5 different watch hand designs - Complication - Select games for 5 Custom App shortcuts Some app shortcuts functionality may depend on the Wear OS device you're using, as some games may not be available on certain devices (for example: Heart rate monitor, Messages, Telephone, Music Player). NOTE: Please see the delivered visuals for more detailed information on all available features and app shortcuts! This watch face is compatible with most Wear OS devices, but keep in mind that it will run best and smoothest on newer devices with latest Wear OS tool editions. All our watch faces are tested on Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 devices, where they are confirmed to work without any issues. Test results of this particular watch face (with many different customizations) have consistently delivered 2 full days of battery life on Galaxy Watch 4 (46mm) with "Always-on display" turned on. NOTE: Heart rate monitor is independent from other health & fitness programs - TAP the indicator to measure and refresh your heart rate. CONTACT: [email protected] E-email us for any questions, issues or general feedback - we're here for you! Customer satisfaction is our main priority, and we take every comment, suggestion and complaint very seriously, making sure to respond to each e-email within 24 hours. More from Enkei Design: ?id=5744222018477253424 FOLLOW US on our social media sites: Thank you for using our watch faces, have a superb day!
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