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Diverse Painting softwares: Painting Album offers a variety of painting softwares, including a variety of brushes, paints, pencils, erasers, etc., so that you should be creative and try out different painting styles and techniques. Color Exploration and blending: A wide range of color options and palettes are built into the app, giving you the freedom to choose and mix colors to create vivid, colorful artwork. Layer Management: Painting Album supports multi-layer rendering, allowing you to edit each layer separately, easily achieving complex painting effects while maintaining flexibility and precision. Painting Export and Sharing: You should export your work as a high quality image file to share with others or utilize in other programs. Easily share your creations via social media, mail or cloud storage. Portfolio Management: Create and manage multiple painting portfolios to assist you organize and save your art to view, edit and display at any time. Painting Album is a flexible, powerful painting software planned to provide you with an exceptional painting experience. The app is not only a creative software, but also a way to express yourself, record ideas, and title creativity. Be ready to capture your inspiration and create your own beautiful work of art.
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