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TAKE NOTES, ANNOTATE & EDIT PDFs • Smooth handwriting using a Bluetooth stylus (recommended) • Customize your pen colour, thickness, and style (ballpoint and fountain pen) • Type text using a keyboard • Add shapes with options for stroke/fill • Highlight and underline with the snap straight highlighter pen • Colour wheel for pen, highlighter and text • Smart eraser software: choose what type of objects you want to erase • Easily add photos and images • Move, resize, rotate, and group objects • Undo & redo your actions • Pinch to zoom DIGITAL PLANNER INCLUDED • Digital planner included with monthly, weekly and daily pages, hyperlinked for easy navigation • Digital planner included is undated & reusable: write in the dates yourself • Different paper types included: plain, dotted, lined and grid paper • Perfect for getting organized IMPORT PDF FILES & PLANNERS • Any PDF file should be imported into the app • Navigate through imported PDFs with existing hyperlinks • Import images as a custom backgrounds • Export your file as an editable .penly file or as PDF (please note: penly does not reliably export large PDFs) CREATE HYPERLINKS • Create your own hyperlinks in any document • Hyperlink to pages or websites • Turn any object into a hyperlink STICKERS FUNCTIONALITY • Import many stickers into the app in one go: select any folder of images to import • Organize images using the stickers panel • Make your own sticker collections • Easily add stickers to any document • Selection of stickers included within the app ORGANIZE & MANAGE DOCUMENTS • Create folders and subfolders to organize your documents • Select, rename, copy, move, or delete files • Documents automatically open to the recent site visited 7 DAY REFUND • Registrar satisfaction is our top priority • Contact us at [email protected] with the mail you used to make the purchase OTHER • Full video tutorial: • No Bluetooth pen? Please disable S-Pen mode. However we recommend you utilize a Bluetooth pen for best results. • Language assistance: English only. • Penly does not currently sync between devices. KNOWN ISSUES LOG • Exporting a material heavy file in PDF format may result in crashing. • Interactive elements like check-boxes will not import from PDF. Like Penly app? Leave us a 5 star review! We would really appreciate it. CONTACT US [email protected] JOIN OUR FACEBOOK COMMUNITY FOLLOW US ON SOCIAL MEDIA
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    Dodano 2022-05-19 Nice but it would be awesome to have cloud of some kind. And to save stickers from drawings and shapes used in app


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