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Training IQ with Puzzles & Water - the best and extremely addictive puzzle apk! This watercolor sorting apk stimulates your brain in a very fun and challenging way. Play apps to relax, train your brain with family and comrades! You need to sort colored water into glass tubes, so that each tube is filled with only one color. It is very easy to play but it will be difficult to become a master. The difficulty of Puzzles & Water will increase gradually through the levels, as the number of colors and water pipes increases. Thousands of exciting apk levels have been carefully planned to give you the best experience! HOW TO PLAY: • Touch any water pipe to pour water to another pipe. • Water should only be filled into tubes if they are of the same color and there is space left on the tubes. • To complete the level, a bottle must have only one color. • If you receive stuck, you should add tubes or start the level again at any time. FEATURE: • Easy control with one finger. • Many interesting topics. • More than 1000 levels from easy to difficult are waiting for you to conquer. • No time limit. You should enjoy Puzzles & Water apk all the time. With this fun and relaxing water sorting apk you will never receive bored. Want to kill time in your spare time, this is the best way to exercise your brain! Show your intelligence! Sort the colors and win! Download Puzzles & Water and start solving puzzles now!
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