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Your boss hates you. Your organization pc is a demented psychopath, and all you really wish to do is get home, sit down and have a superb cup of tea. To create matters worse, you have to build a fresh rocket and refuel it before you should get away. All this while your oxygen supply is running out, meteors fly and aliens test to squish you. At least there is the odd precious stone to supplement your meagre pay. You may even meet an exotic alien princess if you're lucky. Space travel doesn't get dafter than this! Developed for the Commodore 64 home pc, ROCKET SMASH EX is an extended ver of Saul Cross and John Christian Lønningdal's ROCKET SMASH, released in 2013 as an entry in RGCD's annual 16KB gamedev tournament. Your target is simple; on every of the single-screen lvls you gotta reemble and refuel your ruined rocket ship before your oxygen runs out. However, the hordes of fearsome aliens and deadly meteor showers on every planet will ensure that your point is far from simple! ROCKET SMASH EX details: Rockets! Aliens! Meteors! Lasers! storyline and pure arcade 'loop' release modes! Three difficulty lvls! Cutscenes!
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