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Wersja: 1.0.1 Data wydania: 18 maja 2022 Ocena: 4 Twórca: SMZ JeonDaeHyun [email protected] Kategoria: Personalizacja Nazwa: SMZ 'Integrity 7' Ilość pobrań: 500+ System: Zależy od urządzenia Typ: Personalizacja

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!!!!! Please Watch the video to decorate your watch like the photos !!!!! !!! Please Watch the VIDEO for usage !!! Digital watch face for new Wear OS powered by Google. (Korean/English) This is a Digital Watch face providing useful informations for your health, various watchface theme and colors. You should customize various themes and colors according to your taste, clothes color and strap of the watch. [NOTICE] This app has a simple companion program for supporting this watchface. Deleting it from your telephone has no effect on the watchface installed on your watch. You should uncheck this app in the Install checkbox. However, make sure your watch is selected. [Install on your watch] Installing the app on your watch may take a while or it may just have a 'Install on device soon' message and the installation will stay on standby. This problem has nothing to do with the app and the developer has no control over Google Store downloads. Here are some suggestions for resolving this problem. 1. Make sure the watch is properly connected to the telephone. 2. After leaving the Google Store, completely delete all the recently used games list in the telephone's task manager, go back to the Google Store, check the 'Install on more devices' item on the site of the app and the model name of watch. Click the Install button. 3. If the above method does not work, launch the Google Play Store app on the watch, press the search button and search for "integrity 7". Hit the searched app and click the Install button. 4. Tap the three dots in the upper right corner of the site of the app. Check the 'Share' item. Click 'Share' and choose a different browser, such as Chrome or Samsung Internet. Click 'Install on another device', select the watch model, and click the Install button. [Telephone Battery Level] To utilize this function, the 'Telephone Battery Complication' app must be installed on your telephone and watch. Download path : ?id=com.weartools.phonebattcomp [MENUAL OF MEASURING HEART RATE] You have to put on the real device and tap the heart rate measurement button. Then the heart rate measurement icon will appear, and if you wait for a while, the measured heart rate will be updated and displayed. Just remember that heart rate measurement won't work unless you're wearing the actual watch device. - Operating sequence of measuring heart rate. 1. Wear the real Galaxy Watch 4 on your wrist. 2. Tap the heart rate zone once and wait for the measurement to complete. * The heart rate shortcut does not open the measuring heart rate app. * If your Galaxy Watch 4 is syncing other database with the connected telephone, the measurement may be delayed for a while. 3. Then the heart rate measurement icon appears and the measurement is taken. 4. When the measurement is completed, the result value is updated and displayed on your watch face. * It is also automatically measured once an hour. [PERMISSIONS] In order for this watch face to display health informations proberly, you must let all sense admission permissions. ( Watch - Settings - Games - Permissons - This watchface - Let all permissions) [CUSTOMIZE] For customization of watchface, touch and hold the screen and touch on [Coustomize] button. *Please edit these selections in coustomize field. [FIXED SHORTCUT] You should utilize this shortcut immediately by tapping on the area. *Please refer to the recent photo among the registered photos for these pars. [EDITABLE SHORTCUTS] You should select the app you want to utilize as a shortcut by tapping that area, or you should select the app in Customize field. Then you should utilize the shortcut with one tap. *Please refer to the recent photo among the registered photos for these pars. [SMZ Instagram] [SMZ Facebook] [SMZ Homepage] [E-email is always welcome] [email protected]
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