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Wersja: 0.3 Data wydania: 13 maja 2022 Ocena: 4 Twórca: 5F Studio [email protected] Kategoria: Akcja Nazwa: Stickman Battle 3D Ilość pobrań: 1 000+ System: 5.1 i nowsze Typ: Akcja

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Stickman Battle 3D will return with a new look, new Stickman character, new Stickman skills, new stickman pets. Receive ready to wipe out your enemies - evil monsters and their obstacles with unprecedented features. Stickman Battle 3D deserves to be one of the most rewarding stickman apps ever. The visuals have been updated to a new level in this Stickman apk, the new edition of Stickman Battle 3D will impress you with sheer contrast, impressive colors and engaging players with each type Stickman warriors, pet system and each type of stick war. The maps in Stickman 3D are constantly updated, the graphics on different maps are only available in Stickman Battle 3D. The hero system is upgraded, diversified and engaging as never before Hero system in different styles. Each Stickman warrior has its own combat feature and uses different weapons to bring a whole new experience to the player. ▼ HOW TO PLAY: + How to play is extremely simple + The player controls Hero with Joystick to move and attack the enemy with extremely realistic physics. + The system will randomly drop weapons, quickly control the hero to receive that weapon and fight the enemy to become the champion. + When the enemy has a weapon, drop their weapon before they attack you. + When the enemy has a weapon, control the hero skillfully drop the weapon before they attack you. + Avoid enemy attacks and attack them properly will lead you to victory. + Hit enemies in the head to deal fatal damage. In addition, the player should hit the body parts that were attacked previously to deal more damage. + You should upgrade and buy new heroes to increase power to have ultimate power become the champion. ▼ FEATURES: + Apk free and completely free. + Offline apk, no network, no mobile database required. + You should play all continents anywhere. + The combat system is completely different from other fighting apps. + Experience countless familiar supreme superheroes + 2 player stick player hero fighting apk combined with extremely realistic physics. + Thousands of powerful and unique weapons. + Receive rewarded every day when entering the apk. + Vertical screen easy to operate. Why not download Stickman Battle 3D now and become the best League of Stickman player to continue the journey of revenge for Stickman and his family, destroying bloodthirsty monsters in the dark world. This is one of the Ninja fighting action apps that you cannot ignore. DOWNLOAD STICKMAN BATTLE 3D GAME FOR FREE - FIGHT STICKMAN GAMES NOW FOR FUN WITH FAMILIES AND FRIENDS.
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