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With no stat tweaking and no licenses, Tennis Arena is arcade-style tennis at its most fundamental. What you have here is single-match or competition enjoy for up to four customers with wacky characters and a several various courts to enjoy on. You should enjoy an obese Chinese boy, for example, and compete in a Roman coliseum whose clay surface seems to affect bounce marginally. That's about it for options though. No sim, Tennis Arena serves up roughly the same lvl of fun as Pong did 25 years ago, albeit actually with prettier graphics and the occasional super smash. The release also details unique shots, with visible trails, fighter-plane-like sound results, and higher ball speed. These gotta be earned however. After successfully returning the ball over the net six consecutive times, a yellow star appears under the hero. You may then attempt to test the unique shot, which entails lining up with the ball just right - but a failed unique shot doesn't erase the stored potential.
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