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Wersja: 1.0.1 Data wydania: 16 maja 2022 Ocena: 4 Twórca: Wolfoo Team [email protected] Kategoria: Quizy Nazwa: Wolfoo Jigsaw Puzzle Ilość pobrań: 5 000+ System: 5.0 i nowsze Typ: Quizy

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🧩 What’s the best way to build your child’s logic skills and assist them recognize shapes and patterns? By playing the colorful and completely free educational app Wolfoo Jigsaw Puzzle. This apk works almost like a real jigsaw puzzle for kids. When you select a piece it stays on the board even if you place it incorrectly, and you should move the piece until it slides to the correct place. 📕Download the apk with one set of 60+ pictures for free. Your children will love it and love you even more! 📗Wolfoo Jigsaw Puzzle is completely free from third party advertising and in-app purchases. It‘s a free, full featured download that‘s ready to entertain and educate your kids! 📙Wolfoo Jigsaw Puzzle is a free jigsaw puzzle apk. The interface and photos in the apk are carefully planned and easy to play. Photo types include: Wolfoo discovers ocean, Food, Job, Pop It ,etc . There are five difficulties in the jigsaw puzzle. The number of pieces is different, which are 8, 18, 32, 50 and 72. You should choose according to your own apk level. 📘Key features - 36 puzzles in four themes for you to enjoy playing with puzzles! - Colorful puzzles that will inspire your interest in puzzles! - Five levels of difficulty which will train your puzzle skills! - Try puzzles of up to 72 pieces to make playing with puzzles more challenging! - Your progress will be automatically saved so you should continue any time! - New puzzles will be released every week! ◌ ● ◌ ● ◌ ● ◌ ● ◌ ● ◌ ● ◌ ● ◌ ● 🔥 ABOUT Wolfoo Apps Wolfoo Apps specialize in kid’s apps on mobile platform. We are aiming to provide innovative & educational apps for the whole family. We assist them to learn the basic life skills and nice habits through our apps. Watch us:
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