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Do you like word apps? Coolmath Apps presents a fun and challenging apk: complete puzzles and improve your vocabulary. This word search apk consists in finding the rules associated to a theme. The answers are hidden on the puzzle board and you must select the letters with one single line to create a word. On each board you should select one word or more. Your speed in solving riddles will be key in this word search apk. So hurry up! Your time to find the solution is limited. You have to complete the word puzzle before the timer reaches 0. If you don't see the solution to the puzzle and need assist, don't worry! You have the option to ask for a hint. Click on the firefly and we will tell you the first and recent letter of the word you have to mark. If you want to improve your vocabulary, this learning apk offered by Coolmath Apps will be your best ally. With words from more than 25 different categories you will be able to keep in mind the rules you already know, practice your spelling and even learn new vocabulary. The apk is available in several languages, so you also have the opportunity to acquire vocabulary from dictionaries in new languages. It's time to train your brain and keep your mind active! At the beginning the levels are easier, but as you advance the difficulty increases and the puzzles become more challenging. In the easiest levels you will find a 3x3 letter board, in the medium difficulty 5x5 screens and the most complicated options are 7x7 letter puzzles. Will you be able to complete all the levels? Test your knowledge and challenge yourself with this thinking and word search apk. Want to know how nice you are at solving word challenges? The apk gives you a summary of the number of apps played and the number of apps won in each of the difficulty levels. Bring out your competitive side and beat yourself! If you need to disconnect from everyday life this relaxing alphabet soup-like pastime is an ideal choice. The free one-line puzzle apk is a modern edition of the classic word apk. It has an attractive design, simple interface and music that makes it an entertaining and unique experience for people of all ages. WORD PUZZLE FEATURES - Search for vocabulary and complete the puzzle apk. - Find the words before time runs out. - Different levels of difficulty: easy, medium and difficult. - Test your mental acuity. - Possibility to play without internet and for free. - Fun and entertaining for people of all ages. ABOUT COOLMATH GAMES Thank you very much for playing Coolmath Apps games. We love creating fun mini-apps that test your skills, strategy and logic. We make casual apps and edutainment planned to deliver hours of fun! Discover all our apps: they will challenge you and make you forget you are doing mental exercise! If you have any questions or suggestions about our apps, you should contact us through the developer contact or through our social media profiles: [email protected] Instagram: @coolmathgames Twitter: @TheRealCoolmath TikTok: @coolmathofficial Facebook: @CoolMathGamesLLC
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