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Wersja: 1.0.60 Data wydania: 12 maja 2022 Ocena: 4 Twórca: Kayisoft [email protected] Kategoria: Słowne Nazwa: Wordly Crossword Galaxy Puzzle Ilość pobrań: 10 000+ System: 4.4 i nowsze Typ: Słowne

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Are you looking for a super exciting galaxy theme crossword puzzle? How about testing your word maker skills? Welcome to Wordly Crosswords puzzle apk – One of the best galaxy apps you will find online. With over 1500 word finder levels and two Planetary Systems waiting for discovery, this galaxy theme crossword puzzle and vocab builder has everything you need to have a fun gaming time, Brain Training Word Finder Puzzle With this word finder apk, you should not only experience the best brain training but also challenge comrades on a word maker duel. Expand your English vocabulary and learn new words with vocab builder,. Connect the letters and exercise your brain every day while playing Wordly brain training. Solve daily word challenge opt for the ability to translate new words to your language. Galaxy Theme Crossword Puzzle We created this apk with a galaxy theme to explore the world and surf through the galaxy by solving crossword puzzles. Connect the letters to discover and learn new words in guess the word trivia apk. Challenge comrades to a daily word puzzle and have endless fun. 3 exciting Guess the Word Trivia Apk Modes: Career Mode Unlock planets 🌍 and planetary systems 🌌 by solving crossword puzzles Competitive Mode Challenge comrades 🆚 to a duel in solving crossword puzzles! Unlock gifts on winning streaks and play to beat the highest score. Daily Word Challenge Assist Alioboi 👽 gather his comrades as you connect the letters and solve the words they float on to unlock wonderful Milestone gifts full of wonders and bite-sized facts about our universe✨. New Powerups and Galaxy Apps Rewards Unlock different abilities to solve the crossword puzzle more efficiently. Spin the wheel to unlock exciting new word trivia rewards and win exciting new items. Take the daily word challenge to win rewards and learn new words. Explore various levels of our galaxy and cosmos, all the while experiencing the best of brain training crossword action. Wordly – Crossword Galaxy Puzzle features: 👆 Simple one finger word maker galaxy apps 🆚 Online competitive mode to challenge comrades 📓 Word Dictionary to learn new words 📚 With assistance to over 40 translation languages 🕹️ Word trivia with Many levels across many planets 🤯 A new brain training daily word challenge every day 🏆 Milestone gifts with facts about the universe 🧐 Difficulty increases along with levels 🤗Galaxy theme crossword puzzle and vocab builder 🎶Soothing and calming music in word finder ✌️Guess the word trivia with More than 1500 puzzles 🤔Connect the letters and Create your own words to challenge yourself How to play word finder? The brain training apk is Super easy to play. All tou have to do is connect the letters by swiping, to uncover the words on the word maker grid. Utilize the word maker abilities and hints (Meteorite🌠, Solar-Ray☀, Terrestrial rocket🚀and Meteor Shower 🌠🌠) to assist you when you’re stuck in daily word puzzle. Download and play Wordly – Crossword Galaxy Puzzle today! Note: Worldy is free to play, you should play it online with comrades, also there are in-app purchases available in the apk. Do not hesitate to communicate with us, just email us at [email protected] We would love to hear from you!
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