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Ultra-realistic, highly customizable, and easy to read, this Illuminator-hybrid style watch face for Wear OS features 2 custom complications and beautiful night modes. NOTE: Please read the how to section and installation section and check out the images !!! ⓘ Features: - Realistic design. - Hybrdid-LCD watch. - 2 (two) custom complications. - Auto 12h/24h mode. - 9 (nine) different Day themes. - 8 (eight) different Night themes. - 5 (five) hands for Day mode. - Hear rate indicator (LCD). - Steps indicator (LCD). - London time. - Time and date. - Battery indicator. - AM/PM indicator (LCD). - Alway On Display. - Two color themes for AOD. - Two AOD hands colors. ⓘ How to: - To customize (chnage themes style) your watch face, touch and hold on the screen, then tap on customize. - AOD (Always On Display) themes/hands. To modify the AOD theme and/or hands select the second/first option in the "AOD Normal/Blue" and/or "AOD hands White/Blue". * Preview for the AOD theme and Hands color might not be visible due to the way customizations work. Don't miss out our top REALISTIC watch faces: Rally-X R.T. Delta - ? Milirary ZULU Tactical - ?id=wb.military.zulu Moon Master PRO - ?id=wb.moon.master Tourbillon Aquamarine - ?id=wb.tourbillon.aquamarine LUNA BENEDICTA - ?id=wb.luna.benedicta Harmony GT Premium - ? ⓘ Installation How to install: After installation: * Luna Benedicta watch face shown in "How to install" and "After installation". The same installation process is valid for all of our watch faces. If you have any issues installing the watch face, please note that we have no control over the installation process or any other Google Play / Watch processes. The most common problem that people face is after they buy the watch face and install it, they should't see/find it. In order to apply the watch face after you install it, touch and hold on the main screen (your current watch face) the swipe left to look for it. If you should't see it, tap on the " + " sign at the end (add a watch face) and find our watch face there. We utilize a companion app for the telephone to make the installation process easier. If you buy our watch face, tap on the install button (on the telephone app) you must check your watch.. a screen will appear with the watch face.. tap install again and wait for the installation to finish. If you already bought the watch face and it still asks you to buy it again on the watch, don't worry you will not be charged twice. This is a common synchronization problem, just wait a little or try to restart your watch. ⓘ Note: If you encounter any issues during installation, please refer to our comprehensive guide or contact our assistance team for support. We're here to ensure your experience with our watch faces is seamless and enjoyable. ⓘ Complications: - Illuminator Hybrid-LCD offers two compication lcoated in the upper LCD screen on the left and right side. To modify them tap and hold on the watch face and tap Customize, then scroll right and choose which one to custmoize. * Some complciaiton may not follow the text/icon color and/or size. We have no control over it. JOIN WatchBase. Facebook group (General watch faces group): Facebook site: SUBSCRIBE to our YouTube channel: ?sub_confirmation=1
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