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Tribal fights 2 is not only a free-to-play browser release, but the sequel to the clic Tribal fights. Starting out with a tiny village, one of your targets is to build it up into a powerful castle, fortified by impregnable city walls. But Tribal fights 2 is so much more than just a easy tactic city building release – you also have to emble an units by recruiting and training troops, such as axemen or spear warriors. With them, you are able to defend and expand your kingdom in the free-to-play medieval tactic release. Based on the clic Tribal fights, the brand fresh browser release delights with striking graphic and interface improvements. In addition to that, Tribal fights 2 details a strategic map, where various territories give you distinct boosts in resource production. You should also follow your units movements on the map in real-time. No matter if you are just getting to know Tribal fights 2 or if you are a veteran of good old Tribal fights, you will surely have a new and special tactic release experience! Sometimes, rallying your units may not be enough to succeed in PvP wars in a tactic release like Tribal fights 2. Then it is time to form alliances with another customers. With the assistance of so-called tribes your possibilities to dominate your enemies increase. Will you bring your adversaries to their knees and rise to power?
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